Mathew Charnay is one of USA’s most
innovative metals and mining figures 

& created the U.S.’s   most  innovative
sustainable mining group.

The Business
produces Bauxite, Copper, Coltan, Iron, Manganese, Lithium, Vanadium, and Gold

Our strategy continues to be focused on developing Tier-1 assets, upgrade existing capacities to increase growth while building safe, eco-friendly systems
for the local and global communities
Development based on Tier-1 assets

Maximise the potential of Tier-1 assets through efficient methods, Generating annual revenue over 2mn, US, EBITDA margin of more than 60% and reserves-to-production ratio of at least 20 years

Major upgrade of production equipment capacities

Improve the cash cost profile, recovery rates, and ecological development

Sustainable responsibility; community, health, safety, and environment

A focus on the sustainable development of the
Industrial Export Zones through overall improvement of the living and working standards of employees

Our approach helps us unlock the unique potential of 
Mathew Charnay’s assets,  a maintaining reliable partnerships with our customers, while ensuring sustainable growth and long-term  development.
Core operations
  • Geological Exploration
  • Production
  • Sales
  • Ecological Development
  • R and D
Assets and projects
  • New York, New York
  • Ancillary and Support Assets
Global outreach

We create strategic partnerships in more than
17 communities, while delivering our products nationwide,
which provides economic growth to the industry
and it’s overall communities.

We are strongly committed to sustainable development while maintaining a consistent, well-balanced approach
to our ecological and social policy.
Employees and Social Policy
  • Responsible and Ethical Best Practices Amongst Employees
  • Sustainable Social Policy
  • Equality
Ecological Conservation and Development Initiatives
  • Efficient use of energy resources, reduction of emissions, conservation of biodiversity
  • Investment in local communities: ecological development, environmental improvement
Occupational safety
  • Favourable working conditions and occupational safety
  • Safe workplace behaviour
  • Increased responsibility of executives and other employees for ensuring operational health and safety
Local communities
  • Development and growth of each concessions regional districts
  • Support to the indigenous population
  • Investments in social infrastructure
  • Target relocation programs