What Is Next?

Mr. Charnay has made a complete reversal in his approach
to the financial development of High-Growth Technology.

He is now on the other side of the funding tables.

After securing the first phase of his patent portfolio, he is now continuing to add to his hand-selected team
while continuing to raise & devote operating capital to the development of partnered mining operations.

Mathew Charnay has developed a comprehensive approach to the development of his patent portfolio.

The Mining recovery process that Charnay is leading delivers to the supply chain,
the supply chain delivers to the manufacturing,
the manufacturing is one of many target facets of the Mining recovery process.

Intellectual Property Focus

Specific High-Growth Sectors
have acquired Mr. Charnay's interest.

Charnay has funded, & also partnered with other pioneers that have funded, some of the High-Tech. industry's greatest Crowdfunding, V.C., & Angel investment rounds. His close relationships with investors have led him to pioneer the proprietary blueprints into what is now a growing patent portfolio.

An idea is just an idea without a robust & effective team.
This is also why Charnay has continued to hand-select only the best and brightest: proven individuals from his own relationships, which span continents from the West to the East.

Patents are vital in securing the growth as well as helping to
level the playing field when dealing with better financed conglomerates.

...stands on the leverage of the lawyer(s) that filed the I.P.
In most filings,
a patent is more capable of being granted when filed by
an industry-leading firm. Of course, this is not always true. In most filings, you get what you pay for.

An Industry-Shaping Patent Portfolio
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while making the conveniences of life more efficient, convenient,
& rewarding at a reasonable price.