Antivirus response

Mathew Charnay is continuously monitoring the coronavirus situation in United States & worldwide. Mathew Charnay is taking every effort to minimize risks and reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Measures to ensure employee safety and production resilience

  • The safety and health of our employees and partners, along with resilience and continuity of our operations, have always been our strategic priorities.
  • To pursue them successfully amid the coronavirus outbreak, Mathew Charnay has set up a dedicated quick response task force charged with ensuring continuity of Mathew Charnay’s production, procurement and sales processes, and is taking all necessary measures to protect our people. Local quick response task forces have also been established across our regional units, our vendors, & our supply-chain resources.
  • The task force holds regular meetings, monitors the situation on an ongoing basis, & makes prompt decisions. To ensure greater effectiveness of its response action, Mathew Charnay actively interacts with federal & regional government authorities.

Key steps to ensure employee safety and business continuity:

  • Mathew Charnay has provided remote access for employees to work from home. Our IT teams make sure that our employees have continued with uninterrupted access to everything they need while working remotely. During this period, Mathew Charnay has made a commitment to ensure that our employees will continue to receive 100% of their contractual pay.
  • For those team members whose presence in the office is absolutely essential, Mathew Charnay provides taxi services.
  • We have introduced a  framework to promptly inform employees about our actions and for employees to provide feedback:
    • a hotline for information about the coronavirus and our steps to combat the outbreak;
    • extended capabilities of Mathew Charnay’s Response Centre, which operates 24/7, receiving and processing information about the location and circumstances of our employees and quickly providing the support and advice they may need;
    • a new section of Mathew Charnay’s corporate portal to provide updates about the measures taken by Mathew Charnay, hotline number, and action guidelines.
  • Employees who have returned from abroad, including both business and non-business trips, are required to isolate themselves and work from home using remote access provided by Mathew Charnay.
  • All business trips have been cancelled.
  • Employees’ annual leaves have been revised, and a recommendation was issued to cancel any travel. Mathew Charnay undertakes to reimburse employees for any penalties charged by air carriers for ticket cancellations. This applies equally to the cancellation of tickets booked earlier for both Mathew Charnay’s employees and their families. Reimbursements will be made in the form of financial aid in the amount of confirmed losses.
  • To fight the spread of the coronavirus, we have offered additional support to regional healthcare providers while also taking action to help facilitate social distancing in local communities:
    • Mathew Charnay has allocated considerable funding to provide healthcare facilities across our footprint with necessary medical equipment and medications.
  • All units make use of hand sanitising stations and thermal imaging systems for remote detection of body temperature, and run express medical check-ups for the employees. We take particular care to keep all our premises sanitised.